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Our Promise to Our Immigrant and Undocumented Families

The Gathering Place is committed to being a fully inclusive environment for all students and families. Additionally, The Gathering Place actively works to support and protect the most vulnerable members of our community, including undocumented families. All policies regarding enrollment, school visits, and the security of information will be carefully scrutinized to ensure the maximum amount of protection for all families. Our school will also serve as a safe place for undocumented families to connect with resources, learn and share best practices for executing their rights, and safely navigate various legal and government systems and services. The Gathering Place makes the following commitments to our community:

  • The Gathering Place WILL serve as a resource for all families to understand and fully exercise their rights, and WILL provide Know Your Rights presentations to students and families in home language.

  • In accordance with federal law, The Gathering Place WILL NOT inquire about the immigration status of any student or family member.

  • In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which protects student privacy, The Gathering Place WILL NOT release information or documents to any law enforcement agency, including ICE, without first forwarding the request to The Gathering Place’s leadership team who, in consultation with their legal counsel and in accordance with federal guidelines, shall determine if the information and/or documents must be released by law.

  • The Gathering Place WILL NOT allow visitors on-site during the school day that could potentially be disruptive to student learning without first obtaining prior approval from the The Gathering Place’s leadership team. ICE will never be invited or allowed on campus as a visitor.

  • The Gathering Place WILL oversee a Rapid Response Network designed to provide immediate legal counsel and general support if there is an attempt to detain or deport any member of The Gathering Place community and is looking for parents/relatives/guardians and community leaders to participate.

  • The Gathering Place WILL provide counseling to students related specifically to the impact of immigration status and policy, as needed or wanted.

  • The Gathering Place WILL offer training for teachers and staff on the rights of immigrant and undocumented students, the importance of supporting the needs of immigrant and undocumented students, and on policies adopted by The Gathering Place to promote a safe and welcoming learning environment.

Ryan York Co-CEO

Joanna Klekowicz Co-CEO

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